Friday, October 16, 2015

Week Four


Lessons Learned:
This week we were introduced to the concept of mastery by reading the book called “Mastery”.  I found the different types of masters that he mentioned to be very interesting and related all too well with the first one listed.  I loved his explanation of plateaus and how we should thrive on them.  Instead I am like too many others who are always living for the excitement of the advancing portions of life.  I really had to step back and recognize this and am trying to learn to live my life with happiness and enjoyment of the constant plateaus of life. 
The video “A Hero’s Journey” talked about how each of us has a very important mission in life, which is to have the courage to find our entrepreneurial callings.   Jess Sandefer was the speaker for this lecture and he shared the three things that people asked themselves when pondering and looking back on their lives.  Have I contributed something meaningful?  Was I a good person? And who did I love and who loved me?  His lecture made me ponder on the fact that we start out as innocent and pure babies and children, eager to learn and grow.  Then as we do learn and find success we have pride in ourselves and become selfish.  But as we mature and grow older we realize the most important things in life, being family, our service and love to others, and if we have contributed to making the world a better place. 
I loved Sandefer’s idea of writing down a list of “I will not’s”.  In this list you create boundaries that you will not cross.  Then he explicitly states that not if, but when, you cross one of these, to immediately recognize it as a signal to pause, re-evaluate and correct yourself.  He said we should create “messages in a bottle”, being a letter to our future selves to read when we cross these lines.  He describes them as messages to read in the moment of our greatest temptation.  Overall, the video was filled with great insight into what each of our hero journeys will consist of and how to make the best journey in our lives.

Lessons Not Yet Learned:
I have not yet learned how to become a master at mastery.  I look forward to continuing in the book to learn how to thrive during the regular plateaus in life.   By doing so I know that I will be able to feel more joy in my day to day life instead of the constant waiting for the next big moment in my life. 

A Reference and Categorization Method:
“A Hero’s Journey” lecture by Jeff Sandefer

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