Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week Two

Integrity is a crucial principle to have in all aspects of life. We must create ethical guardrails and clear goals and plans in order to achieve success.  Integrity must be present at all times in order to reach these goals.

Lessons Learned:
The Ministry of Business has yet again provided great insight into how to live a happy and successful life.  Chapter four is titled The Formula and Happiness.  We learn that private victories come before public victories.  And the formula for success both a basic approach and an expanded approach.  The” guaranteed six step formula for happiness” is:
1.    Get up early
Starting the day off right is important to personal and business success.
2.    Work hard
Every successful person out there has worked extremely hard, you are no exception.
3.    Get your education
We must be properly trained and continue learning throughout our lives and career. Develop a love for life-long learning.
4.    Find your oil
Find out what you are great at and pursue this.  Provide better service or better products.
5.    Make your mark
Make a difference in every community and every career opportunity we are given.  Make a positive mark on this world.
6.    Get prepared to be of service
This is what sets this formula apart.  The secret to eternal success is service and giving back, giving us the truest possible happiness.
Chapter five is called the value of strong mentors.  Having mentors in your life is important to help you succeed.  They will make you stronger, build you up, push your limits and guide you the right way.  They are truly invested in your success and happiness.  Chapter six is called financial fitness.  There are three accounts that you should have for financial freedom: independent account, budget account and savings account.  Financial freedom is having the means to survive plus a little bit more.

Lessons Not Yet Learned:
I have not yet learned what I am the best at.  I think I have the potential to be a great leader as in a healthcare manager or administrator, however I still have more to learn.  I am currently applying for a new health clinic supervisor position to prove my leading and training skills.  I want to continue to grow, learn and improve myself.

A Reference and Categorization Method:
PRIVATE VS PUBLIC VICTORIES (The Ministry of Business pages 90-91)
Private Victory:
1.    Be proactive (granddaddy of all habits)
2.    Begin with the end in mind (those who win private victories see where they want to end up)
3.    First things first (have a plan, then execute the plan)
Public Victory
1.    Think win/win (versus win/lose)
2.    First seek to understand, then seek to be understood (empathetic listening)
3.    Create singer (1+1 = anything greater than 2)

FINANCIAL FITNESS (The Ministry of Business page 123)
1.    Independent Account
a)    Pay yourself first
b)    Interests and profits from investments
c)    Gold Account – investments and assets
2.    Budget Account
a)    Tithes and offerings
b)    Domestic expenses
c)    Living expenses
d)    Family expenses
e)    All normal costs of living
3.    Savings Account
a)    Non-Regular Expenses: rates/taxes, Christmas, transport, vacation, medical, etc.

b)    Car, boat, cruise, yacht, dream, etc.

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