Saturday, December 19, 2015

Conclusion Week

The Last Lecture

Introduction to Entrepreneurship has been an eye opening and inspiring class.  The lessons, books, reading excerpts and videos all provided substantial knowledge and many gems that I can take with me throughout my personal entrepreneurial journey.  The book “The Ministry of Business” written by Steven Hitz was the most powerful business book that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  This is a must read for anyone involved in business, especially entrepreneurship. 

The main three things that I learned about how to begin your entrepreneurial journey are to first, figure out what you can be the very best at while make the world a better place; second, come up with a business plan, including ethical guardrails; and third go for it!  Ethical guardrails are standards that you decide to live your life by, both in your business and personally.  You must reference these often and promise that you will not cross the lines that you have created for yourself.  There are so many other important things that I have learned from this class that must be remembered including avoiding unnecessary debt, living your life with balance, selecting the right business partners and choosing the right people.

Many successful business people do not have appropriate balance in their lives.  In order to reach their level of success they have let other things suffer, often times being family.  I have learned that at no cost should you sacrifice the importance of your family when pursuing any career.  Your spouse and children are the most important people in your life and you must find a way to balance all of the business, family, personal and spiritual aspects of life.  Thankfully this class provided countless examples of successful business people and entrepreneurs who have mastered this necessary balance. 
After everything is said and done, the most important thing that will matter at the end of our lives is what kind of person we were and if we made a positive impact in the world.  Living a life of service will help us to achieve this personal satisfaction and true and lasting joy.  We can use our successes to help others along the way.   It is also important to strive for responsible financial freedom by living within a comfortable means and simultaneously saving and investing. 

By combining and mastering all of the tools and practices listed above we can reach our entrepreneurial goals, make a difference in this world and serve others all along our journey.  

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