Thursday, September 17, 2015

Introduction Week

This week I started back in classes after taking two semesters off.  My Introduction to Entrepreneurship class requires that I create a blog to keep a journal of my thoughts, experiences and the things I am learning.  I will break down each post into three sections: lessons learned, lessons not yet learned, and a reference and categorization method.  And here it begins!

Lessons Learned:
This week has been a basic introduction of what an entrepreneur is.  From the readings and videos I have learned that becoming an entrepreneur is not only about making money for yourself and having a successful business.  But it also entails your personal journey, doing what makes you happy and surrounding yourself with others that build you up.  It all starts with integrity and the best of intentions.  Having a strong sense of who you are and knowing that you can and will succeed, despite the bumps and inevitable changes you will experience along the way.

Lessons Not Yet Learned:
I really enjoyed the video "Lesson 1: Introduction of Launching Leaders" and the friends and principles of success that Jim Ritchie shared.  I look forward to gaining a deeper level of understanding into each of these principles and steps.  I also have yet to learn about the many risks that instill fear in me when it comes to starting a new business.  It seems like the number one reason people do not being an entrepreneurial journey is because of the fear of failure.  I'd like to learn more about how to overcome that fear and how to create a plan to overcome changes and problems along the journey.

A Reference and Categorization Method:
As the introduction week to the course I did not encounter any specific problems or tools that I felt necessary to reference.  I really enjoyed the video from President Hinckley of the building dedication.  I want to remember the love, emotion and spirit that I felt watching that video.  And keep those words with me throughout my entire schooling, career and life.  Here is the link to that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_B6ad6stHo

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